Whether you want to relax after hours of riding or just plain relax, enjoy a massage in the peace and quiet of the Mongolian steppe

We offer a variety of massages. You can personalize them to hit the spots you want or enjoy them the way they are.

Types of Massages


Full Body: Why choose one type of massage when you could get them all? The full body massage covers you from head to toe and is perfect after a day in the saddle.

$80 for 60 minutes

Back/Core: The back and core are vital to how the rest of your body feels and functions, so why not take care of them? With this massage, we will target these key areas to help you move and feel better.

$25 for 30 minutes


Feet: We love a good foot massage! After a long day of hiking or standing up while riding your horse, this is an amazing way to unwind and feel relaxed before bed.

$25 for 30 minutes

Face: This is really popular in Mongolia (especially with women). Face massages are great for anti-aging and relaxation.

$30 for 30 minutes