Learn Mongolian horsemanship from a skilled horseman


Learn to ride horses like a Mongolian

Get to know a breed of horse that has existed for hundreds of years

Puujee, the camp’s owner, has spent his entire life around horses and knows each of his horses well. Under his guidance, you will learn how to ride like the wind or simply meander through the mountains and valleys, taking in the scenery, no matter your experience level.

Puujee with his horse Arabian and his dog Mercy

Puujee with his horse Arabian and his dog Mercy

Types of Lessons Offered



Learn the basics of horseback riding: mounting/dismounting, steering, being comfortable around horses

1-2 classes recommended




Learn how to trot, canter, and gallop, and learn about horse behavior and the technical aspects of riding

1-2 classes recommended




This is the class for people with previous horse experience who want to learn more about the Mongolian horse and horsemanship.

Gain a deeper understanding of horse behavior and learn traditional Mongolian horsemanship tricks and some equestrian skills that Mongolians highly value

2-4 classes recommended